Achieving Sustainability

Sustainability-ImageAchieving Sustainability

Unsure of how to prioritize your organization’s commitments or assess the impact of your services against their impact on the budget?


Searching to redefine a fundamental component of how your organization operates or whom it serves?


By helping you to prioritize and focus on your goals and objectives, we improve the likelihood of your success. We assess your commitments, activities and implementation strategies, resource allocations, the competition and opportunities. We ask about the outcomes of your efforts, and gauge your mission impact in relation to financial costs/gains. Planning processes articulate where you’re going, actions needed for progress, and how you’ll know if you’ve succeeded. In summary, we work with you to determine what really needs to be done to achieve sustainability, when and by whom. Leadership at all levels of the organization will gather to think together. Rassen and Associates offers:


Comprehensive organizational assessments of functioning and effectiveness.


Facilitated sessions to help the organization set its priorities, focus energy and resources, develop plans and transform plans into action steps.


Multi-stakeholder action plans to ensure that intentions and priorities match outcomes at every level of the organization.


“Combining a deep commitment to changing outcomes for children and families with an extensive understanding of how to create a strong, financially sustainable organization, Amy Rassen has been an invaluable advisor and strategic planning consultant to Attendance Works.   She never hesitates to ask us the hard questions about how will raise the resources and put in place the staff capacity needed to achieve our goals.” ~ Hedy Chang, Director, Attendance Works