Strengthening Leadership and Governance

Strengthening Leadership and Governance

Looking to develop or improve certain skills as an Executive Director?

Searching for new strategies to guide your team toward improved productivity?

Struggling with a board of directors whose members don’t understand their roles and responsibilities?

In need of expert group facilitation at retreats or to move your organization through a critical decision?


Organizations are effective when governance, leadership, and staff understand their roles and all three are aligned in their efforts to carry out the organization’s mission. A partnership enables the three bodies to ensure that employees and other stakeholders work toward common goals, focus on mission impact, avoid mission drift and change direction if need be.


Rassen and Associates provides:


Coaching for Executive Directors to help them be and also feel successful, focusing on the art of leadership and management.


Training in leadership development to empower individuals and teams to identify opportunities for growth and aggressively pursue successful outcomes.


Hands-on meeting time with boards of directors and top management to clarify how boards should operate to achieve optimal functioning.


Expertly facilitated sessions to help groups plan for the future or, if there are diverse opinions, articulate the problem and arrive at mutually agreeable solutions.


“Put your seatbelt on and look forward to taking your organization to new heights and becoming the leader you want to be.” ~ Deirdre Sheerin, Chief Executive Officer, Sweetwater Spectrum