We have written a sizable number of program, operations, employment and finance manuals, strategic and business plans, as well as grant proposals and reports. Publications and research papers can either be downloaded here or searched on  Google. Table of Contents samples of these materials may be provided upon request by Rassen and Associates, with the permission of these clients.


Publications and Research Papers:

Nonprofit Founder Departures: Five Challenges; Five Novel Solutions, a straight-forward article published by BoardSource about the increasingly frequent challenges faced by boards of directors, by Amy Rassen and Jeny Wegbreit.

Roadmap, a plan for the future of Homebridge, a non-profit serving the elderly and people with disabilities with exceptional services at home.

Guidebook for Developing Drop-In Programs for Families with Children Under Age Three (July 2013), written by Amy Rassen and owned by Portola Family Connections (

Testimony to US Civil Rights Commission Commercially Sexually Exploited Minors: Testimony by Amy Rassen to the US Commission on Civil Rights 
(April 13, 2012).

Landscape of Efforts to Combat Commercial Sexual Exploitation in the Bay Area (2015), submitted to the Economic Development and Justice Giving Circle of the Women’s Foundation of California (EDJe). Attachments 1 and 2


Papers commissioned by the California Prison Healthcare Receivership
to describe care to meet the needs of California’s inmate-patients:

Service Delivery Model Draft Service Delivery Model: Best Practices for CDCR’s Patient Inmates. March 2009

Foundations of Patient Care Foundations of Care: Best Practices for CDCR’s Patient Inmates. January 2009

Patient Centered Care Patient-centered Care: Best Practices for CDCR’s Patient Inmates. January 2009

Team-based Patient Care Team-based Care: Best Practices for CDCR’s Patient Inmates. January 2009


Early Childhood Mental Health Project: Child Care Center Consultation in Action (March 2003), a research study showing the benefits of mental health consultation in childcare centers.

Improving Care for Unbefriended Elderly in San Francisco. BIFOCAL: Bar Associations in Focus on Aging and the Law. April 2006.

Seniors At Home: A Case Management Program for Frail Elders. Journal of Clinical Outcomes Management, November 2003

Early Intervention for Seniors RWJ Funded Study Chad Boult, MD, Joshua Rassen, MD, Amy Rassen, LCSW, et al: The Effect of Case Management on the Costs of Health Care for Enrollees in Medicare HMOs. Journal of the American Geriatric Society, August 2000.


Handbooks and Manuals:

One manual listed below is in the public domain.

Care Management Model for At-Risk Seniors

Senior Care Manual (a home-based, case management prevention program for at-risk elderly)